LASA® Soldier Protection

LASA LogoOur LASA® (Lightweight Armoured Soldier Architecture) personal armour portfolio delivers outstanding ultra-lightweight multi hit protection to meet the varied needs of modern combat and law enforcement personnel.

Our products combine materials expertise in ballistic-grade composites, ceramics and textiles with advanced manufacturing techniques to create personal armour products that offer outstanding protection, lightweight performance and interoperability.

Our LASA soldier protection portfolio includes:

  • LASA Helmets, combining ultra-lightweight properties with outstanding ballistic and fragment protection through utilising the world’s most advanced hybrid composite helmet shell technology
  • LASA Body Armour, delivering ultra-lightweight ballistic protection for mission specific requirements.  Products include covert and buoyant solutions to defeat threats at NIJ Level III and special threats beyond NIJ Level IV
  • LASA Ballistic Shields, delivering ultra-lightweight ballistic protection at NIJ Level III and special threats

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