LASA Ballistic Shields

Our ultra-lightweight, multi-hit LASA Ballistic Shields deliver outstanding ballistic performance at NIJ 0101.06 Level III and special threats at over 20% less weight than alternative in-service solutions.

Man holding large LASA ballistic shieldDesigned for elite law enforcement and military personnel, LASA ballistic shields incorporate cutting edge, breakthrough composite materials technology and world-class engineering to deliver extreme multi-hit ballistic performance at an exceptionally low weight, reducing fatigue and enhancing mobility for enduring missions.

LASA Ballistic Shields deliver a wide range of user benefits, including:

  • Tested in accordance with NIJ 0101.06, LASA ballistic shields deliver outstanding protection, even if hit by multiple projectiles at NIJ Level III and the following special threats:
    • 7.62 x 51mm 149gr M80 FMJ
    • 5.56 x 45mm 55gr Ball (M193)
    • 7.62 x 39mm 123gr PS Ball (Mild Steel Core)
  • At an areal density  of just 16.0 kg/m2 and a nominal thickness of 16 mm, LASA Ballistic Shields are over 20% lighter than alternative solutions, enhancing user agility and reducing the effects of fatigue
  • An advanced ultra-lightweight composite handle configuration, LASA Ballistic Shields have been extensively tested to deliver outstanding ergonomic performance, allowing the user to move at speed whilst ensuring constant protection
  • Impervious to water and rain, having successfully passed ballistic testing after been submerged for 24 hours
  • A simple and effective designed edge trim protects the shield’s edges from damage
  • An optional lightweight fabric cover, available in three colours can be added for altering colours for varying operational needs.

LASA Ballistic Shield sizes

LASA Ballistic Shields are available in five off-the-shelf sizes to meet the varied needs of elite law enforcement and military personnel.   Smaller variants have been specially designed to offer full mobility to end users, enabling the user to move at speed while remaining protected, while larger variants are available for where a more comprehensive level of protection is required.

LASA Ballistic Shield Type

Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)

Weight (kg)

(with Cover)

Coverage Area (cm2)

Standard Short

500 600 6.3 6.5 3000
Standard Medium 500 1000 9.8 10.1 5000
Standard Long 500 1550 14.5 14.9 7750
Narrow Short 400 800 6.7 6.9 3200
Narrow Long 400 1550 11.8 12.2 6200

Man holding small LASA ballistic shieldCustomised Solutions

As well as off-the-shelf solutions, LASA Ballistic Shields can be customised to meet specific customer requirements.  LASA Ballistic Shields can be cut to a range of sizes, enhanced capability, such as shooter’s curves and ballistic viewing windows can also be included.

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