LASA Helmets

We produce a suite of advanced lightweight ballistic helmets to meet the varied needs of modern combat personnel.  Our portfolio builds on decades of design expertise to deliver ultra-lightweight ballistic protection, using cutting edge materials.

Hybrid Composite Helmets

Utilising world leading ultra-lightweight hybrid composite technology, the hybrid composite helmet series is our lightest and most advanced helmet, providing outstanding ballistic protection with optimum comfort and integrating with key accessories including visors, mandible guards, night vison googles, cameras and torches.

AC915 helmet AC914 helmet
AC915 Helmet AC914 Helmet

Aramid Helmets

Our aramid helmet range delivers outstanding ballistic performance at a low weight, although weighing a fraction more than our cutting edge hybrid composite helmet series, the aramid range delivers outstanding ballistic properties combined with low weight and comfort.

AC903 Helmet AC903 Helmet
AC903 Helmet AC200 Helmet

Maritime Helmets

Working in partnership with Gecko Head Gear, we produce the waterproof, buoyant Maritime Ballistic Helmet to protect against 9mm rounds.

LASA Maritime Ballistic Helmet angled
Maritime Helmet

Specialist Helmets

Building on decades of military helmet design expertise, we design and develop helmets for specialist applications such as tank or armoured vehicle crews and for use on a ship’s flight deck.

Tank Crew Helmet Flight Deck Helmet
Tank Crew Helmet Flight Deck Helmet

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