LASA AC915 Helmet


The LASA AC915 is our most advanced lightweight high-cut helmet.  Combining world leading engineering and hybrid composite materials technology, the LASA AC915 delivers elite performance for special operations.

Key Features

  • Ultra-lightweight hybrid composite shell construction weighing just 1.15kg (gross weight – medium helmet)
  • Protection against 9mm round (threat as per NIJ 0101.06 Level IIIA) and high levels of fragmentation protection
  • Utilises D3O TRUST® helmet liner system, which exceeds Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) protection levels by 33% at 10ft/sec
  • Utilises Team Wendy CAM-FITTM chinstrap and adjustable dial system for optimum comfort for extensive wear
  • High cut helmet shell for increased situational awareness
  • Rails and NVG mount integrates with in service head-mounted devices (e.g. night vision goggles, torches and communication systems)
Technical Specifications
Fragmentation Protection 17 gr FSP V50  >735m/s
16 gr Sphere V50 > 620m/s

Ballistic Testing
Development and Quality Assurance undertaken ‘in-house’ at the Coventry Test Laboratory.  
UK MoD and ISO 9001 approved Test Range.
Comparative Testing undertaken with Internationally recognised Test Houses

Quality Assurance Approval
ISO 9001

Lab competence, calibration and testing Approval
ISO 17025 UKAS Accreditation

Ballistic Protection 9mm FMJ Vproof of 436m/s
Gross Weight (Medium) 1.15 kg (2.5lbs)*
Shell Weight (Medium) 0.755 kg +/- 0.03kg 
Shell Areal Density = 7.9 kg/m²
Compression resistance Front to back – 1100N
Top to Bottom loading – 1500N
Flammability protection Provides Flammability protection to CAN/CSA 22.2 Test A and B
Blunt Trauma Protection Exceeds U.S. Army 10 fps ACH impact standards using D3O®
Ambient, High & Low Temperature Performance (-10°C, +53°C)
Colour Standard Colours are NATO Green, Black or Desert Tan: Alternative colours available upon request

The LASA AC915 helmet is available with in a range of configurations for optimum comfort and capability.  Find out more at our Retention and Accessory Options section.

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