Silverback 4020 Elite Bomb Disposal Suit

Silverback 4020 Bomb Suit blast testing

Silverback 4020 Elite logoThe Silverback 4020 Elite bomb disposal suit is Morgan Advanced Materials’ highest protection, elite performance bomb disposal suit, delivering high protection with unrivalled mobility.   

Silverback 4020 suitThrough utilising advanced materials and world class garment engineering, it provides maximum protection and survivability against the four aspects of blast: pressure, fragments, deceleration and falling objects, protecting the operator even if the device is located in a challenging or restrictive location.

The flexible design of the Silverback 4020 allows for the performing of manoeuvres including climbing, crawling and crouching.  Integrated cooling and ventilation allows for extended wear and reduces strain and fatigue on the operator.  Optional capability including cameras and communication systems can be used with this suit.


Core benefits

Advanced Protection

The Silverback 4020 Elite incorporates leading textile design to protect against blast and fragmentation.

All seams are specially constructed to resist both ruptures and blasts, and the Nomex® outer skin provides water resistance and fire protection, whilst dissipating static charges.

Superior Mobility

Silverback 4020 breastplateMan in Silverback 4020 EOD suit looking under a carThe lightweight, ergonomic construction of the jacket and trousers, alongside a flexible breastplate provides the user with the vital operational flexibility for bomb disposal assignments, including crouching and climbing. 

Man in Silverback 4020 EOD suit climbing a ladderThe suit’s breastplate features an innovative three-piece telescopic construction to deliver outstanding flexibility whilst minimising the transmission of shockwave energy to the user’s torso.

Outstanding Visibility

The heated visor and integrated balance battery pack provides the user with powerful de-misting technology to deliver unrestricted vision in challenging environments.

Integrated Cooling and Ventilation

The Silverback 4020 Elite features an advanced cooling and ventilation system delivering cool air to the operator’s torso, neck and helmet to reduce the effects of fatigue.

Quick Release System

This suit can be removed unaided by the user in less than 20 seconds, providing fast emergency removal without compromising on protection.

View our quick release system here

Further Enhancement with Accessories

Further enhancements can be added to the Silverback 4020 Elite including helmet mounted torches and cameras as well as protective clothing such as overboots and gloves

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