Integration & Support Services

We offer a comprehensive capability to manage vehicle projects through their entire lifecycle for maximum value.

Our projects teams include contract managers, financial personnel, supply chain engineers, integrated logistic support members and technical experts.

We use our in-depth engineering knowledge of the vehicles we support to manage configuration and improve performance. We provide spares and coherent and cost-optimised through-life vehicle support services.

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Our offering includes:

Inventory Planning & Spares Supply
Repair & Refurbishment
Vehicle>Vehicle Storage & Maintenance
Design & Configuration Management

Project Management

We provide full programme and project management services for the integration of armour, electronic and mission systems. This includes the management of designs, configuration and technical publications on behalf of our customers.

The high levels of professionalism, specialist skills and sector knowledge that we offer, result in significant improvements in operational efficiency and reduced risk for our customers.

Design & Systems Integration

Our capability in the design and implementation of fully integrated armoured vehicle systems is second to none. We offer world-class engineering expertise backed by extensive facilities and many years experience meeting urgent customer requirements for operations all over the world.

Working closely with the vehicle manufacturers and our customers we can integrate survivability, electronic and mission systems including armour for ballistic threats, rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and improvised explosive devices (IEDs), radios, weapons stations. We also implement automotive performance and compliance upgrades. 

We integrate and install state-of-the-art surveillance systems, electronic counter measures equipment, digital communication systems and protected or remote-operated weapon stations.

We design and fit-out advanced ambulances, command variants and specialist EOD and ISTAR vehicles.

  • Armour systems for ballistic threats, rocket-propelled grenades and IEDs
  • Automotive performance and compliance upgrades
  • State-of-the-art surveillance systems integration
  • Electronic counter measures support and mounting structures.
  • Advanced Ambulance fits
  • Advanced Command fits
  • Protected weapon stations and remote weapon stations.
  • Fire suppression systems.
  • Specialist EOD and ISTAR fits.
  • Fixed and demountable digital communication systems.

We have a robust, fully tested supply chain network and a scalable operation which has met the most urgent operational needs and high-volume production.

Inventory Planning & Spares Supply

Our 220,000ft² pick-and-pack warehouse facility operates to deliver spares directly into our customers’ supply operations in immediate response to user demands.

Our inventory planning is based on sophisticated usage data analysis. We combine logistic planning skills and supply chain management with advanced technical support to deliver a lean and highly efficient service. 

We perform preventative maintenance of product in stock, as well as management of shelf-life and obsolescence. During the campaign in Afghanistan we supplied over a half-a-million parts to the frontlines.

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Repair & Refurbishment

We are able to rebuild battle-damaged vehicles, restoring them to ‘as new’ condition. We provide a central hub to maintain serviceability of our customers’ fleets during critical mission cycles. We offer mobile support teams for asset support in the field.

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Vehicle Storage & Maintenance

We offer vehicle storage, maintenance and distribution services. Vehicles are stored and maintained on-site, ready for urgent deployment whenever required. We can also hold vehicles at readiness to support contingency plans and manage risk.

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Design & Configuration Management

Our design and configuration management capabilities ensure effective vehicle supportability for our customers through their products’ lifecycle.

Vehicle requirements often change to extend usefulness, which is why we also handle upgrades as well as vehicle management. We can ensure that your modifications and upgrades are properly controlled, and that their impact for spares support, recordkeeping and technical publications are properly managed.

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