Vehicle Fleets

We have built, fielded and supported over 1,100 fully integrated armoured vehicles for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our fleet lines include:

Mastiff Family of Vehicles

Morgan’s premier fleet is the Mastiff family comprising Mastiff 1, Mastiff 2 and Mastiff 3, Ridgback and Wolfhound and is the first choice for soldiers as they continue to provide unprecedented levels of protection, availability and capability.

Our VSS facility proudly remains the technical centre and comprehensive support service provider of reliable and repairable Mastiff family fleets.

Based on the General Dynamics Force Protection Cougar hull, Morgan transforms these vehicles into true fighting platforms fitting:

  • UK classified armour systems
  • Complex Bowman radio, electronic counter measures and day/night 360-degree situational awareness fits
  • Armour protected and remote weapon stations
  • Specialist EOD and ISTAR fits
  • Advanced ambulance fits
  • Advanced command fits
  • Automotive upgrades

Armoured Land Rover

We supply the Tactical Advanced Structural Composite (TASC®) Series Land Rover light patrol vehicle for military, police and security applications. The vehicle uses our unique and fully proven structural composite armour to deliver outstanding protection at lowest weight. 

MAN Support Vehicle

We have worked very closely with MAN and the MOD to design and fit armour, bar armour, electronic counter measures mounting structures and armour protected weapon stations for MAN Support Vehicles.

We are able to design, prototype, test, manufacture and fit bespoke platform armour including CAMAC® appliqué, structural, semi-structural and spall armour systems in short time scales to meet urgent customer requirements.

For more information on our services for the MAN Support Vehicle please contact us.

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